Premium Package

This is a one-year hands-on all-encompassing approach to the recruiting process.

⋅ What should or shouldn’t go on a highlight film
⋅ When to fill out college questionnaires
⋅ When to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center
⋅ How to separate mass mailings, emails, marketing, and actual recruiting interest
⋅ How and what to communicate with a college coach and how to read their responses.
⋅ Help with mapping out the correct events, showcases, prospect days and club team
⋅ Provide guidance on what you need to improve on
⋅ What a college coach looks for in your position?
⋅ How to build your resume and separate yourself from others
⋅ Guidance on NIL (Name, Image and Likeness)
⋅ Guidance on where you are in the recruiting process with schools
⋅ Aide with choosing the right college and making your list
⋅ Aide in managing your recruiting process
⋅ Speak directly with college coaches to see where you are in the recruiting process
⋅ Speak directly with HS and club coaches as well as guidance counselors if they’re willing do so to understand what they are doing to help support your recruiting process.
⋅ Attend Club and HS game
⋅ Guidance on college test prep
⋅ Aide in mapping out you’re playing and training schedule
⋅ Aide in constructing emails, letters and what to send college coaches and when
⋅ Up to 4 text messages, emails or 20-minute phone calls each month.
⋅ 2- 30-minute highlight film review sessions
⋅ 3- 1 hour Zoom’s or In-Person Meetings (Spring, Late Summer & Late Fall)
⋅ 3- 1hr skills training sessions
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